The Lost Girls

The past casts dark shadows . . .

Curl Curl, January 1978. Fourteen year old Angie Buchanan is abducted and murdered,  and a family is changed forever.

When, thirty years later, a journalist arrives with questions about the tragic events, everyone involved is forced to reconnect with a past they would prefer to forget.

For Angie’s cousin Jane, this re-examination of her childhood is initially cathartic, an escape from the uncertainties of her adult life. But as more details about Angie’s last days are revealed, Jane is forced to question not only the events of the past, but the reality of her present.  Are the people she loves who they say they are?  Is this the life she really wanted?

For the investigating journalist, Erin, the family’s confidences help to illuminate some dark corners of her own life. But whose version of Angie’s story – whose version of Angie herself –is the real one?  And can past wrongs ever be made right?

The shocking truth will change everyone involved, and nothing – not the past, not the present, and not even the future – is as they once imagined.

Part family drama, part psychological thriller, The Lost Girls is a haunting and utterly gripping read.