A Little Bird

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A little Bird by Wendy James

A Little Bird

A homecoming snares a young woman in a dangerous tangle of lies, secrets, and bad blood in this gripping novel by the bestselling author of The Accusation.

Running from a bad relationship, journalist Jo Sharpe heads home to Arthurville, the drought-stricken town she turned her back on years earlier. While some things have changed—her relationship with her ailing, crotchety father, her new job at the community newspaper—Jo finds that her return has rekindled the grief and uncertainty she experienced during her childhood following the inexplicable disappearance of her mother and baby sister.

Returning to Arthurville has its unexpected pleasures, though, as Jo happily reconnects with old friends and makes a few new ones. But she can’t let go of her search for answers to that long-ago mystery. And as she keeps investigating, the splash she’s making begins to ripple outward—far beyond the disappearance of her mother and sister.

Jo is determined to dig as deep as it takes to get answers. But it’s not long before she realises that someone among the familiar faces doesn’t want her picking through the debris of the past. And they’ll go to any lengths to silence the little bird before she sings the truth.



Wendy James is Australia’s queen of the domestic thriller. She is the author of nine novels, including The Accusation, The Golden Child—short-listed for the 2017 Ned Kelly Award—and the bestselling The Mistake. Her debut novel, Out of the Silence, won the 2006 Ned Kelly Award for first crime novel and was short-listed for the Nita May Dobbie Award for women’s writing. Wendy has a PhD from the University of New England, and she works as an editor, teacher, and researcher. She spent much of her childhood between the outback and the coast, but currently lives closer to the beach than the bush—in Newcastle, NSW. She writes some of the sharpest, most topical domestic noir in the country.

A master of suburban suspense
Cameron Woodhead
The Age
Australia's queen of the domestic thriller...
Angela Savage
ABC Radio
A great Australian author
Liane Moriarty
This is domestic noir at its most intelligent and sharp
Sue Turnbull
Sydney Morning Herald
Wendy James Portrait
If Wendy James aspires to be our national novelist, she is on her way.
Sydney Morning Herald
James is masterful at seamlessly ratcheting up the tension...
Good Reading Magazine
This is a gifted story teller
Adelaide Review
The narrative's power and cumulative suspense call to mind Alfred Hitchock's Vertigo
Sarah Dowse
Sydney Morning Herald